2017 Workshops

Back-Porch Conversations can lead to hot sex and history in the making...

How do we build relationships in this lifestyle? By striking up conversations in the courtyard, the hallway outside a classroom, the smoking section outside, or even asking to sit with someone at breakfast. But, how do we maintain these relationships, and how do they lead to hot sex and history?

Well, bring your cute butt to this class and you will find out! And, make sure you bring your stories to share, because this class is what you make out of it, so it can be hot sex or a history lesson, you decide!

Presenter: Penelope Jones, WILL 2015

Body bags

Think …  Let’s have some Sacks… Also Known As … Let’s get Bagged!

This workshop will cover the many magnificent ways to play with Body Bags, Latex Bags and Sleep Sacks.

If you like feeling snug like a bug, try a Sleep Sack or Body Bag.  Give up control and let yourself fly!

    Who knew all this could come in one little bag??!!
  • Altered States of Consciousness
  • Relaxation
  • Humiliation
  • Sensory Deprivation
  • Power Exchange
  • Exquisite Torture
  • Bondage

Presenter: bikkja amy

BDSM Play and Sexuality When You're 50+

Getting older is an inevitable part of life.  It's also a topic that isn't openly and directly discussed in the Leather Community, yet it is something that affects every single one of us. What are the physical, sexual, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual changes that occur as we get older and how do they impact how we play and express our sexualities? This workshop is open to all ages, with a specific focus on the experiences of those players who are 50 and over.

Presenter: Naria Lei B. Jordan

Burn and Sting: Canes and Crops

Crops are one of those toys that people buy early and then seem to dismiss as for beginners, while canes scare even experienced players. Crops are one of the most versatile – an inexpensive – toys available, able to deliver sensations from light and rhythmic to sharp and stingy. We’ll discuss different kinds of crops and the many ways they can be used. Mention canes and bottoms will either have a look of fear in their eyes, or a dreamy, far-away smile. Find out how to use canes to ensure that they leave you with that smile. Canes are also inexpensive and far more versatile than many people realize. The initial blow, followed by the long slow burn is what most people who love canes love. We’ll talk about safety concerns and different techniques for both crops and canes.

Presenter: Ms. Constance

Female Masters in a Male Leather World

Sometimes being a Leather woman isn’t the easiest of roads. We are not always welcomed into gay Leather bars, or treated well once we’re there. Sometimes our Mastery is questioned, as if our gender somehow disqualifies us from those rights and privileges. Often our slaves are also looked down on, as if they are less than the slaves of our gay male brothers, as if they are less respected because they serve women. We are strong, unique and often overlooked.

Presenter: Ms. Constance

Finding Your Inner Animal or Animal Handler

Do you have an inner pony?  An inner puppy?  How about a kitten, or a lion or raptor or … even a unicorn or other mythical beast?  Or, are you drawn to handling a furred, feathered or skinned being?  Join Liza and her slave, Jody, for an opportunity to discover your inner animal/handler and then to let that part of your being have a chance to come out and play.  We’ll also talk about how to outfit yourself to feel comfortable in your “skin.”  Whether you’re an experienced critter or handler, all are welcome.  

Presenter: Trainer Liza and Ferdinand

Guided Open Discussion: Feminism/Power and M/s, D/s, Pain Dance

How do you integrate your need for submission/slavery with your personal agency; your masochistic cravings and sadistic practice with women’s history of abuse; enduring humiliation while preserving your power?

These are just a few of the many practices in which we willing engage that appear problematic from a feminist perspective, especially in light of our long fight for equality and respect as women.

Please join us for an open interactive discussion about s/m, d/s, m/s exploration to share personal perspectives, healthy vs. problematic interactions, and reaffirmation of positive practice driving alternative relationship and play.

Presenter: Wish

Honor Your Mentors

We are all where we are because of the people who have gone before us. Recently, someone asked me who my mentors were. I had to stop and think. I believe we should all identify and acknowledge our mentors and find ways to honor them and their teachings. This workshop is an opportunity to remember and identify our mentors and to find ways in which to honor them.

Presenter: Ms. Diana

If I Could Save Time in a Bottle: My Twenty Years as a Slave 

For most of her adult life, slave marsha has lived in a relationship some would say is impossible…or abusive…or delusional. But now, with more than 20 years of service to the same Owner, slave marsha simply calls it her life. If you are curious about or interested in Master/slave relationships from either “side of the slash,” you owe it to yourself to hear slave marsha as she shares with passion and raw honesty what it really takes to build and sustain a M/s relationship that lasts the test of time. 

Presenter: slave marsha

Painting Pictures Together

You've done all the right things. You were careful in your negotiations. You asked the things you were supposed to ask. So why is it that the scene didn't work, and neither of you got what you wanted? Language can be an imprecise tool. We may use the same words with each other, but mean entirely different things - or subtly different things - which lead to unsuccessful conclusions. What can we do to improve the communication process to minimize these misunderstandings and maximize our successes and pleasures?

Perhaps we need to learn how to "paint" pictures. We need to see with the eye of the photographer, as opposed to the eye of the abstract artist. The more precise we can be with each other, the clearer our "paintings" will be, and the more alike. You want to serve me and I want to be served. We need to be sure we both mean the same thing. We want to collaborate together on the same canvas and create the vision we both desire.

Presenter: Ms. Diana

Polyamory with Purpose

Many loves – sounds great! Right? What is polyamory? How does it work? What does it look like? Can anyone do it? Come talk poly! Crackers not included.

Presenter: koneko

Sacred Space

How do you create it? What purpose does it serve? Who is required to be there? Does it end or go away? Join koneko as she explores the beauty of creating sacred space in the most intimate of moments, the most profane, and the most public.

Presenter: koneko

Service Littles

This class will explore the concept of Age Play as a Power Exchange with the role of the Dominant expressed as a Big and the role of the submissive expressed as a little. We will dig deeper into "the service little" defining multiple paths of service. This include ways to not only give back to Bigs but also to the leather community at large. We adapt our class to all age players no matter their age and explore the concepts of how to be a "service little" with a can-do attitude. There will be a work exercise to begin developing unique service skills and mini tools to take home too. 

Presenter: Jesbian

Service Seen Through Your Minds Lens

How we see the world determines how we accomplish everything day-to-day.  Some of us are visionaries and like to understand the big picture or longer term goals before tackling a task.  Others only want to know the step by step tasks that need to be done today, and only today.  Neither way is wrong and both ways are right!  However, these fundamental differences in how our minds work can make a huge difference in how we serve, who we should partner with and what truly makes us tick!  Come prepared with your handy dandy pencil or a super fun colorful marker, as slave luna will be kicking things off with a quick activity before diving into your mind’s view of your service.  Handouts with resources will also be provided. 

Presenter: slave luna

Skill Share Work Space

Do you have a skill in which you are proficient and looking for an opportunity to teach? Do you have a particular skill you would like to learn?

"Each one - teach one" is a phrase that's commonly used in our community to encourage us to share our knowledge and experience with others. Let's put it into practice! WILL has generously offered to set aside a space for sharing and for learning! Wish Linda will quickly moderate an exercise designed to elicit skills women would like to learn and those who have the knowledge and desire to teach...and we will quickly put these ideas into action in this hands on skill share workshop.

Bring your toys, your curiosity, your talents and your open minds and hearts in a safe space learning and sharing together!

Presenter: Wish

Straight Razor! Its sexy as hell folks!

Shaving, it is one of those mundane things we all have to do. For most, it is a matter of esthetics. Most folks use the good ol' safety razor. For this class we will learn how to kick it up by adding, the sexy as hell, straight razor! The intimacy, the sensations of the razor gliding across a throat, pussy or ass, hell any where on the body, the scrape of the hair being severed and the trust between two people as they dance the razors edge!

Yes folks, shaving can be fun, sexy and just a little dangerous! Blood optional;-)

Presenter: DaddyCrone

Tomboy to Leatherboy

Growing up a certified tomboy had advantages and some challenges. Moving through life more boy then girl has been an interesting journey, and life just kept getting more and more interesting with the addition of kink, BDSM, and the leather lifestyle. Even now I identify as a tomboy and leatherboy.  What twists and turns have happened in your life? Come and share with me your story and I will share mine with you.  (Q&A, Discussion format)

Presenter: boy CJ

Women of Drummer Magazine and other Unsung She-roes

The Women of Drummer Magazine class was created to bring more visibility to the fact that Leatherwomen heavily influenced Male Leather Culture. We Define what Drummer Magazine is and how it impacted Leather Subculture. We will discuss the “Who?, How? and What?” concerning our Leatherwomen including Jeanne Barney, Janet Ryan, Anne Rice, Judy Tallwing and their impact and influence within Drummer Magazine. Lastly, the Women of Drummer Class will Educate Minds and Arouse Bodies over Women’s Leather History. Always.

Presenter: Tyesha Best