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Women's Leather History Panel

Deborah Hoffman-Wade

Deborah Hoffman-WadeDeborah Hoffman-Wade is a fiery, flawed, and fabulous femme. Deb has been a out dyke for forty+ years and Leather community about twenty years. She is Ms. Alameda County Leather 2009. She is the former co-producer of the SFBA Leather Alliance Weekend including Mr. San Francisco Leather Contest and Producer of the Northern California LeatherSIR, Leatherboy and Community Bootblack. She also writes for Leatherati but she mostly quilts and sews. Deb lives with her husbutch, Schon, her boy, Mike, Bert, Ernie, and Oscar.





Naria Lei B. Jordan

Naria Lei B. JordanNaria Lei B. Jordan is the new Co-owner/Producer of DESIRE, IMsL Dungeon coordinator, Southern California Leather Woman (SCLW) 2012/2013, and Ms. San Diego Leather 2002. She is a longtime Radical Sex Perv Poly Daddy who has been involved in the Queer BDSM Community for 35 years as a practitioner, organizer, activist, and educator in the Kinky Arts. She cofounded two Women’s-only Leather groups in Washington, DC–Lesborados and S/Mazons. She was a co-founder, editor, and writer for the collectively published “Black Leather…In Color” and was the facilitator of the Women’s BDSM Rap in San Diego from 2007-2014. She was also the Co-facilitator for the Women’s BDSM Forum in the Modesto/Central Valley area from 2004-2006. A writer, national speaker and presenter, photographer, and fancier of Fine Fierce Femme Women, Naria is a relentless sex educator, a misunderstood yet flaming Pisces, a true Water Tiger, and always enjoys pushing the envelope–as often as possible! She spends her time in San Diego and Orange County with her primary partners, Bikkja Amy and Brigette, as well as 2 cats and 2 dogs, and a household of assorted pervs.


Victoria Windsor

Victoria WindsorVictoria Windsor wanted boots and a leather jacket in high school, but finally acquired them in her early 20's. This proved that the desire for leather is innate, even with no previous knowledge. Now with more than 20 years of playing with whips and fire, many hours of volunteer time, and more drama than the change room in a strip bar, she decided to store the various (and much appreciated) community awards on a shelf (MLT 2009 Impact Award, Spearhead 2010 Appreciation Award, MLT 2011 Courtlan Forsey Award, HOTF 2013 Impact Award, 2013 Pantheon Community Choice Award), and take some time to pursue and enjoy her kinks in private. You can take the leather loving girl out of the Eagle, but you can't take the love of leather out of the girl... Although much more guarded than she used to be, she will venture out now and then for special events and dear friends. If you see her wandering around holding, she's most likely holding an iPad and intently watching people (to add to the growing number of stories and voices that run through her head), say hello and share a chat. As a writer in day to day life, she firmly believes that everyone has a story, and it deserves to be heard. We're all in this together here after all, we all share the same secret that makes us unique in our twisted difference. We celebrate the fact that we don't like vanilla sex, therefore we want a cookie!