• WILL 2017 Women's Leather History Panel

Women's Leather History Panel

Bikkja Amy

Bikkja AmyBikkja Amy is the new Co-owner/Producer of DESIRE and the Contestant Coordinator for IMsL/IMsBB (2007- current).  She has been creating mischief in the San Diego and Central Valley Leather Communities for the last 17 years. True to her Capricorn nature, she jumped right into her career as a Kinky Woman when she first moved to San Diego in 2000, by becoming a member and board member of Leather and Sisterhood (L.A.S.H.) She then became Knight of Leather 2002. She facilitated the San Diego Women’s Leather Rap group and co-founded the Modesto Women’s BDSM Forum in 2004-06.She became Southern California Leather Woman (SCLW) in 2006 and sat on the board until the title retired in 2015. Bikkja was on The Leather Realm committee at San Diego Gay Pride from 2007 to 2017. She has the honor of being Mama’s Bikkja. As a player, she is a true Switch who is particularly fond of blood. She resides in San Diego with her wife, Naria, 3 cats and 4 dogs, and a household of assorted pervs.



Terrie Anderson

Terrie has been in the leather lifestyle for over 40 years. She was one of the founding members of the National Leather Association (NLA) - Dallas, Beyond Vanilla and Women in Leather Power. She was the first Co-Chair of NLA Dallas and Treasurer of Dallas Silver Sabres, a performance based drill team that raised money for charitable organizations. She directed and produced previous Gulf Coast Drummer contests and Dressing for Pleasure 1 & 2. Terrie has presented many awareness and educational leather, SM, fetish lifestyle workshops at special events. Breaking down any barriers that exist and helping to build a more solid network is what Terrie strives for in the community.




slave Raven

With over twenty years of experience in the BDSM/leather lifestyle, slave raven has been everything from owned property to a Domo, a Top, and a Daddy. In 2005, Raven held the NE Master/slave title with Master Jack McGeorge. She has presented nationally and locally on leather care, M/s relationships, and general BDSM issues. She has taught classes for Black Rose, The Eulenspiegel Society, South Plains Leatherfest, and the M/s DC annual conference, to name a few. Raven identifies as a leather slave with open mind about gender. A proud member of DFW Leather Corps, NCSF and the (Leather Archives & Museum) LA&M, Raven brings passion and experience to the community.