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Women's International Leather Legacy is proud of the women that have stepped forth and built the foundation of the WILL title. Each one approached their title year in their own unique way. They scheduled interviews, gathered information, traveled to countless locations, and shared the importance of Women's Leather History.

WILL 2011

Tracy Wolf

Tracy Wolf is a bisexual polyamourous switch who found the leather community while living on the east coast in 1999, and a dominant she met through a personal ad asked her to attend a Black Rose workshop. Tracy was overwhelmed by the way the leather community opened its arms to her. She was relieved to discover she wasn't alone in her journey in the BDSM/Leather/Kink world. Tracy's called the leather community home no matter where she's lived ever since.

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Tracy Wolf, WILL 2011
WILL 2012

Angel Propps

Angel Propps is a sex positive feminist, Riot Grrl musician and submissive leatherdyke. She is an internationally published writer of horror and erotica as well as Southern Gothic flavored tales that have been included in literary anthologies. Her poetry has appeared in various arts journals. She is a freelance editor for several presses and is enjoying (finally) being able to wear pajamas to work.

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Angel Propps, WILL 2012
WILL 2013


angel is a slave identified queer leathergirl who lives in Santa Rosa, CA. She first found the community in Los Angeles in 1995 before relocating to Northern California. Currently a member, and the treasurer, for both the girls of Leather and The Exiles, you can often find her at events organized by either in SF or the East Bay.

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angel, WILL 2013
WILL 2014

Sarah Humble (WILL Pro Temp)

Sarah Humble conducted interviews as WILL Pro Temp during the 2014 title year.

WILL 2015

Penelope Jones

Penelope Jones is a saucy little minx who will drive you insane with her naughtiness and cheek! A published author of erotic poetry and lover of all things mathematical and historical, she loves to share her life adventures to help others possibly navigate a sometimes overly political world, and find happiness in kink and leather!

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Penelope Jones, WILL 2015
WILL 2016


Originally from Seattle WA, Syn has been a member of the kink community for eight years. For the last three she has called Minnesota home. Charter member of the Twin Cities girls of Leather, Syn serves as their Vice President. She can often be found out at Atons events and with the Twin Cities boys of Leather. When not having kinky good times she is a moderator for the MN Rufflebutts, a club for Lolita Fashion enthusiasts. Syn loves scary movies, books, and long walks through Sephora.

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Syn, WILL 2016
WILL 2017


Renee's interest and exploration of BDSM and Leather was sparked in the mid 1990's. She came into the lifestyle as a submissive, but soon realized that to her core she is a slave and Service is her path. A combination of community involvement and personal study helped to establish a strong foundation for her slavehood, solidifying her belief system.

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renee, WILL 2017

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