Special Events

Women's International Leather Legacy Contest

The seventh annual Women's International Leather Legacy contest will be held Saturday, August 4, 2018. Come support the contestants and celebrate women's leather history.

Women's Leather History Panel

Come talk to the Elders in our community, ask questions, hear their stories first hand. Learn our history from the women who lived it!

One of the first ways history was recorded was orally, and it was treasured and considered sacred. WILL treats our history as something that is sacred and should be cherished. Come join us for Women’s International Leather Legacy Weekend, meet the elders, ask the questions, converse with those who actually lived the histories that have helped shape the community we live in. Panel will be moderated by Sarah Humble.

Sunday Brunch and Keynote

Join us Sunday morning for brunch and what is sure to be an inspiring and enjoyable keynote!

Bootblack Roundtable

Last year we started a bootblack roundtable that porovides an opportunity for bootblacks to share their knowledge and stories. The panel is moderated by Jayson DaBoi, IMsBB 2010 and Briar, ICBB 2015. Join us Friday night in the ballroom for fun, information and shenanigans!