2017 Presenters for the Men's Track


TC began his journey in 1987 and has never looked back. He was honored to receive his Masters Cover in December 2015. He is the head of House Cyclone that he started in 2011. His house symbol is a fire scorpion holding a purple rose. A group of scorpions is a cyclone, which is the origin of his house’s name.

Currently, TC is the Vice President for NLA-International; a Member at Large for NLA-Dallas, a board member of MAsT-DFW, a staff member at the local dungeon, and a Mentor for the Dallas Mentors program. In 2013, he became Mr. Great Plains Olympus Leather. He enjoys teaching and has had the opportunity at WILL in 2014, Beyond Vanilla in 2015, various groups that meet at Sanctuary for Lifestyle Arts in Dallas, and for NLA-Dallas. He served as tally master for Heartland Person of Leather in 2014 and Judge for Heartland Person of Leather 2015 and Mr. & Ms. Great Plains Olympus Leather 2015. He enjoys visiting groups to talk and teach as well as share his passion of our community by connecting with new people.

Presenting: Back to the Basics

Are you new to this lifestyle and want to know how to keep yourself safe? Or perhaps you’ve been around a while now and have experienced some seriously scary situations (not the fun kind)? Or maybe you’re out of a long term relationship and don’t remember how to swim in the single waters? Then join us! We will cover topics that CYA! We’ve got safe calls, rescue calls, negotiations and remembering to trust your gut always. Join us as we share some basic information that’ll allow you to negotiate the wonderful world of kink with your eyes wide open and hone some skills to keep you going.

Master Neko

Master Neko Neko is a bisexual leather man who started his journey in 1996. His travels and learning began as a collared slave. After almost 2 years, his Mistress felt he was on the wrong end of the flogger and spent 3 years training him to provide the proper care and feeding for his own slaves, as well as building upon Leather history, traditions, and ideals. He is the head of his leather house, the House of Blood and Ice, which follows the Code of Bushido.

Through his training, he discovered a desire to educate others – helping people to understand the darker parts of themselves, dishing out his own variety of sadism, teaching about the connectivity of a Master/slave relationship, as well as being an active part of the community.

Prior to Texas, he was a part of the New York scene where he presented, played, and did fetish and rave photography. In Dallas, he ran the Bound Rose Society for four years with his slave, koneko. In 2008 and 2014, they led the local bondage SIG group: DFW Bound. He is a regent, mentor and presenter in the Dallas Mentors Program. He has volunteered at the local dungeon, Sanctuary, since 2007 and spent two terms as co-chair of NLA-Dallas. He has taught classes throughout Texas and in Colorado. He’s performed at the Black & Blue Ball and Bondage Expo Dallas launch parties. He’s co-keynoted with his slave, koneko, he’s an owner of Oblivion images and has judged at Mr. Dallas Eagle and at SPLF’s International Master/slave title. He’s also produced Mr. & Ms. Great Plains Olympus Leather and did security for Beyond vanilla for several years.

Currently, he is a producer of Mr. and Ms. Texas Leather and the director of MAsT-Dallas.

He owns two slaves, koneko, who has been with him since 2002 in a 24/7 relationship and his most recent slave – raven. He also has a little girl, siren, and his property, Sweetsalt.

Presenting: Connections in the 21st Century

Being a tech loving owner, I have found ways to use various forms of it to enhance my power exchange relationships. Technology brings a sense of order to my life and my slaves’ and helps me tighten or loosen the leash as needed. I also like keeping myself and that which I own safe, so we'll be covering some online security techniques. Come learn a few tips and tricks and see how this could possibly work for you and yours.

Master Seykou

Master SeykouMaster Seykou Nia is a devout Leatherman and Patriarch of the House of Nia based out of Denver, Colorado.  Master Seykou, along with His slave Luna Nia began their journey, together, in 2011 soon found themselves on the Leather path and have never looked back. His formal training includes intensive study under the Masters of the MTTA Academy, formal mentorship with the House of Blue, and observation of the conduct of many other leaders of the Leather and general BDSM Community.

Master Seykou’s core philosophy for Himself, His slave and the House of Nia is "find your center and operate from there on all you do."  This, in part, led to His coining of the phrase “Shoulder to shoulder, Hide to hide” in 2016, as he sees Leather and the fellowship that can come from living it, as his center.  His embodiment of the what some describe as “traditional leather values” of honor, authenticity, integrity, transparency, respect, and trust (to which he adds- inclusion and tolerance) has helped  Master Seykou gain respect and recognition throughout the community, including receiving His Masters’ cover from his Denver community in 2016.

Master Seykou Nia and His slave Luna Nia are proud to represent their home state as the Colorado Master and slave 2016 and went on to represent and compete for the regional title in 2017. 

The House of Nia is currently a member of MasT Fort Collins, ….   where both Master Seykou and His slave Luna participate, facilitate and present on various topics related to M/s dynamics and issues related.

Master Seykou travels extensively throughout the country with his slave to participate in both Leather and non-Leather lifestyle events in which they lead discussions and work to facilitate growth in the M/s journeys of others.  Their most recent endeavors include being a founding family of LHOCC, Leather Houses of Color Coalition, an organization dedicated to assisting others to create or enhance their existing Leather households of Persons of Color.

Presenting: Don't be a Dick: Reflections from the other side.

This speaks to the observed problematic behaviors exhibited by some of us towards those on the other side of the slash.  Compiled from first person experiences of s-types, it's hope is to assist us in NOT being perceived as ...let's  say "less than honorable" (or a great big dinkus) as we do what we do.  Please join me for what's sure to be a funny, stark, and hopefully insightful glimpse into the inboxs, private messages, and clandestine exchanges some of us conduct.


RyleeIn an effort to always make his cup bigger, Rylee Janus Spire is constantly seeking out ways to learn, grow, and experience the world in new ways.  Although Rylee discovered play and personal kink in early 2005 in Chicago, IL, it took moving to deep in the heart of Texas in 2008 for him to discover the beauty of the leather community and find a place to call home.  Rylee currently holds the titles of Mr. Dallas Eagle 2017 and Mr. Texas Leather 2017.  He held the title of IPTC International Pup 2013.  He spends his time working as a staff bootblack at the Dallas Eagle, serving as the Transgender Awareness Chair for DFW Team Friendly, traveling the country to represent his Texas Leather titles by teaching, blacking, playing, and sharing stories with other leather folk, expanding and sharing his leather library, working out, and serving his Sir and pack. 

Presenting: Artistic Cutting

Many different types of body modification are being enjoyed by a high number of individuals in today's society; tattoos, piercing, implants, and the list goes on and on. Rylee hopes to introduce you to the wonderful world of artistic cutting. Not only will he discuss the basics in terms of technical skill, safety techniques, healing, and scar formation integral to this form of play, he will also touch on the emotional release and symbolism of the art form.