• Annie Romano, WILL 2017 Keynote

WILL 2017 Keynote
Annie Romano

Annie Romano

Annie Romano hails from San Diego and has been in the Leather Community since 1990. She has been honored to hold two community titles: Ms San Diego Leather 1998 and Ms World Leather 2001. Annie is currently one of the producers for San Diego Leather Pride and the Mr. and Ms San Diego Leather titles. She is also an Emeritus Member of the San Diego Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence as Sister Hecate of the Bodacious Tatas!

Annie is an alumni of IMsL, having competed in 1998 in Atlanta, one of a class of 17 amazing women. It was a great time!

As Ms World Leather 2001, Annie’s platform was raising awareness and funds for Lupus, a syndrome affecting quite a few people in the leather community, including her wife at the time, Jo Blas. It is gratifying to her that people still tell her that hearing her speak about Lupus helped their sister/mother/themselves get diagnosed and begin treatment.

Annie is proud and honored to be in service to Mr. Dickerson of San Diego as His boy. He has been instrumental in guiding her along this part of her leather journey. Being in service to Mr. Dickerson has helped her to become a better leader and a stronger leather woman.