WILL 2019 Emcee
pat baillie

WILL is honored to have pat baillie return as our emcee for WILL 2019 weekend!

pat baillie attended 12 years of Catholic school and learned to follow orders, to respect authority and that doing service and looking out for others was important in life. pat joined the Air Force in 1979 and while on assignment in Arizona, found a group of sex positive, kinky men who were part of the leather community, giving name to what she felt inside. The leather community continued to be there for Pat through her military career during both the good times, and continued to stand beside her when she was under investigation for being queer.

pat retired in 1993 as a Major and swore she would never be in the closet again! In 1995, she won the Ms San Jose Leather title to represent her local leather community and went on to win International Ms Leather (IMsL). After her title year, she created LeatherWomen United (LWU) which worked on a grassroots-level with communities on key issues such as voter registration, women's health, stocking local food banks, and supporting LGBT youth.

pat continued her professional career in education at Honeywell, where she served as co-president of Albuquerque Pride and produced the Rio Grande Leather event. pat organized and led the Consent Counts national survey; a report that has been used as a basis to support the creation of legal protections and develop education to stop discrimination and attacks on leather people and events.

In 2008, pat returned to California to work for Out & Equal Workplace Advocates as the Director of Training and met her Lady Sharrin Spector and the rest is history!

In 2013, pat & Sharrin got married and Sharrin purchased the International Ms Leather (IMsL) event. pat created the IMsL Foundation that she is currtently the Board President.

2019 Sponsors and Community Partners

Ms Martha's Corset Shoppe
Leather Masters
IMsL Foundation
International Ms Leather/International Ms Bootblack Productions
DESIRE Leatherwomen Unleashed
South Plains Leatherfest
The Leather Journal
Women of Drummer