• WILL 2018 Contestants - Master Bella and Mama Gail

WILL 2018 Contestants

Master Bella

Master Bella

Drawing on her southern charm, Master Bella works hard to make sure that everyone she meets feels safe and loved.

Being a founder, board member and a sister of HardPink Sisterhood allows her to follow her passion of building up Leather Women while allowing them to find a safe place to move forward in their life and community goals.

She along with her HardPink Sisters sponsor and support community events and education.

They also work hard to fundraise and support battered women's shelters, women’s cancer awareness, community hunger issues and other mainstream women's issues.

Although not a fan of labels she finds the most common way of identifying herself as a queer, poly, sadistic, sexual masochistic Master and Leather woman.

Master Bella has spent the last 12 years living, traveling and meeting life-stylers in small group settings and attending, presenting, and judging at Leather Conferences throughout the United States. While living in the Gulf Coast area she set out to bring the same education and spiritual experiences to her home community by producing Spring Fling Leatherfest and Fall Fantasy Kink Fest. She has managed several BDSM Clubs, was the first Female Red Dragon Chapter President, Mamas Southern Bell_a, is a founder of House Je Te Vois, and founder/team member of the HardPink Demo Team.

With a combined passion of photography and videography, her and her slave are also owners of Leather Mosiac and contributors of Leatherati.

She is now living and exploring her new home and community in Baltimore, Maryland.

Master Bella hopes that by recording, preserving and sharing Women’s Leather History with our young Leather Women that it will help them successfully move forward on their chosen Leather path.

Mama Gail

Mama Gail

Mama Gail is a laid-back leather mama lioness that is all about Loving Leather Spaces.

Through her travels, presenting, judging, attending, and volunteering, Gail enjoys opportunities for non-judgmental safe spaces to support, celebrate, and connect with others, allowing them to share their experiences – Continuing the Cycle of Wisdom Sharing – and further Dialogue Without Discord on the topics that matter to you the most.

Gail likes to spend her down-home time with her sons, slave, lovers, friends, and chosen family. She collared her slave Courtney in 2013 and enjoys all the radical loving relationships and deep bonds with people she keeps close to her heart.

Some of Gail’s recognitions, service commitments, and organizations where she has been involved include being the first-and-only woman President of Tulsa Uniform Leather Seekers Association (T.U.L.S.A. est. 1988), Fort-Pruitt Service Award Winner (first-and-only woman recipient), Co-Key holder for Oklahoma Leather Display at Oklahoman’s for Equality Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Women’s International Leather Legacy 2017 Contestant, presenter for Kink-U (Titans of the Midwest), staff for Twisted In Tulsa, Facilitator for Oklahoma Dom-sig, Tulsa Rope Interested People (TRIP), MAsT (Tulsa and OKC), as well as membership with local dungeons where she is regularly invited to present on a variety of BDSM, M/s, and Leather topics.

– And now, Pantheon of Leather South Central Region Nominee!

Fun facts: Flags black and grey on the left, grooves with rope, Master to a slave that calls her "Mistress", Enjoys long sits on the couch with a bucket of ice cream and something binge-able on TV.