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WILL 2017 Contestants

Contestants are listed in alphabetical order

Contestant #1: Ms. Texas

Ms. Texas, a bisexual, polyamorous dominant Leatherwoman, is honored to be part of this contest. She has been in the community since 1997 when in an AOL chatroom titled “Real Submissive Men,” she discovered she was not the only kinky person in the world. In 2002, she took a hiatus from the community, returning in 2008. She identifies first and foremost as a Leather Woman. It took her several years to learn that's who she is. To her, leather is not what you wear, but what is in your heart and how you treat people from all walks of life. Her personal values are important to her. She strives to always follow what is the greatest goal for her; how to be of service.

Her top three values are Honesty, Loyalty, and Communication. She feels so overpoweringly about this that she teaches a class on it. A leather journey is rarely easy or simple, and that’s true of hers. She was told women in Leather don’t wear feminine attire and that she had to wear jeans and a leather vest to be a Leather woman – that is just one fallacy that she learned to recognize. Leather is in the heart and soul. The first year of WILL, she knew she had finally had found a home in which to grow and learn. She met women, Leather women, from all walks of life and found the bravery to stand up and say, “I am a Leatherwoman too!” She knows a Leatherwoman can come from any walk of life and wear anything she chooses. Again, it goes back to what’s in the heart and not what’s on the outside.

The book that has affected her the most is "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz
The things she learned are:

  • Be impeccable with your word.
  • Don't take anything personally.
  • Don't make assumptions.
  • Always do your best.

These might seem easy to follow but they are not. She’s spent the last 8 years trying to absorb and master those four principles. She is constantly evolving, growing, and learning.

She has donated time to several non-profits, including the Dallas Sanctuary, the John Thomas Resource Center, Bryan’s House, and most recently, Team Friendly DFW. As part of her pledge project, with her co-producer Sheri, she helped raise over $3000 for Team Friendly DFW when they put together a Corsets & Cocktails fundraiser for the DFW community.

She is a recent full patch member of the Leather Heart Clan in Dallas. She adores her family. Her memberships include: NLA-I, NLA-D, DFW Women of Leather, NCSF, She contributes to LA&M and she has founded and is involved in several local groups. She is a 2010 graduate of the Dallas Mentor program and a former mentor for the program. She currently privately mentors two dominants.

Her passions include preserving, gathering and teaching Leather women’s history in audio, video, and written forms. She also is passionate about the continuation of Leather traditions, education, and the practice of principled, ethical Leather.

Contestant #2: Alexandra St.James

Alexandra St.James- Miss Kitty as she is known to her friends joins us from the Great State of Iowa where she currently holds the title of Ms Iowa Leather 2017. She is the first Transwoman to capture the title as well as being the third Woman of Color to hold the title consecutively. Alexandra came into the kink community while serving as Empress of Chicago. Charity has always been a part of this journey and that focus has been on the next generation. During the three reigns as Empress fundraising campaigns were set up for various youth Charities and the Leather Archives and Museum with funds totaling $27,000. Alexandra has worn many hats during her time in the community. Emcee, Entertainer, Auctioneer.

PS… If you want to know the naughty stuff ask me

Contestant #3: Renee

Renee's interest and exploration of BDSM and Leather was sparked in the mid 1990's. She came into the lifestyle as a submissive, but soon realized that to her core she is a slave and Service is her path. A combination of community involvement and personal study helped to establish a strong foundation for her slavehood, solidifying her belief system.

While living in Interior Alaska, Renee was active in the Fairbanks community. She helped organize social and educational events with Fairbanks Royal Order of Sick and Twisted (F.R.O.S.T), and traveled south to Anchorage to assist with several parties, weekend intensives, and Northern Exposure.

The Drive of Service and her desire to better connect her two communities led Renee to run for Ms. Alaska Leather in 2016. With the title came change and opportunity! Renee strongly believes that when one door closes, another opens. A move to Anchorage and travel to events in the lower 48 re-ignited the desire to understand, learn, and share her love and value of Leather with her Alaskan community. This also began her journey to document and preserve Alaskan Leather History, with special focus on Alaska's Leather Women.

Currently, Renee's joy is found in elevating her community. In addition to being Ms. Alaska Leather 2016 and 2017, Renee is involved with several Anchorage organizations. She is a member of The Last Frontier Men's Club, who sponsor her title. She was a Plank Holder member of ACAL, The Alaska Center for Alternative Lifestyles. For Northern Exposure, Renee worked part of the production team as registration lead. She also works with Alaskan Aids Assistance Association on the volunteer committee to produce the annual Fetish Ball fundraiser, and is an avid supporter of The Imperial Court of All Alaska.

Contestant #4: Mama Gail

Gail is a laid-back leather mama lioness that is all about Loving Leather Spaces. Through her leather travels, presenting, judging, attending, and volunteering, Mama Gail enjoys opportunities for non-judgmental safe spaces to support, celebrate, and connect with others, allowing them to share their stories and experiences – Continuing the Cycle of Wisdom Sharing – and she will continue stoking the fire, keeping the tradition of storytelling alive, one Loving Leather Space at a time.

Some of Gail’s recognitions, service commitments, and organizations where she is/has been involved include being the first woman President of Tulsa Uniform Leather Seekers Association (T.U.L.S.A. est. 1988), Fort-Pruitt Service Award Winner (first woman recipient), Co-Key holder for Oklahoma Leather Archive and Display at Oklahoman’s for Equality Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, staff for Twisted In Tulsa, Facilitator for Oklahoma Dom-sig, Tulsa Rope Interested People (TRIP), MAsT (Tulsa and OKC), as well as membership with three local dungeons where she is regularly invited to present on a variety of BDSM, M/s, and Leather topics.

Gail is a member of Mama's Family as “Mama's Veronica” – because she's not a Heather! She collared her slave Courtney over 4 years ago and enjoys all the radical loving relationships and deep bonds with people she keeps close to her heart.

Contestant #5: MsDDom

MsDDom lives in Atlanta; but is a transplant from Colorado, which she still calls home. Growing up in a Matriarch driven family, MsDDom was exposed to, and lived in, her own Female Led Relationships (FLRs) long before she knew it was categorized as a lifestyle relationship dynamic. From a BDSM-novice in 2006 with a deepening interest in power exchange and FLRs, MsDDom has created personal space and time for her own journey through education, community volunteerism, and camaraderie with kink, fetish, and Leather folks. Her continuing growth has forged a sustainable M/s dynamic with her slave, CreamDream, since 2010.

In 2008, MsDDom began her public entrance into the lifestyle community, upon her slow relocation to Atlanta, by attending local munches and local events. MsDDom gives back to the community through peer-mentoring; presenting topics on power exchange, service, and BDSM play; creating educational forums/series; participating on BDSM panels; creating/maintaining club websites; and volunteering at cons and events. She has presented at DomCon Atlanta, WILL, Beyond Leather, Georgia Femme Dommes, and The Red Chair.

An active Leather Woman in the Atlanta community and a member of MAsT Atlanta Metro, MsDDom divides her time as founder and leader of Black FemDoms-Atlanta and the Black Atlanta Munch, founding member and Road Captain in Women in Leather Atlanta (WiLA), co-facilitator of Georgia Femme Dommes, southeast coordinator of Women of Drummer, and is a mentor in the 2017 Atlanta Mentors Program. MsDDom and CreamDream, who is also very active in the Atlanta lifestyle community, make time for fun and travel! Both share their time with other lifestylers across the U.S. and in Canada.