• WILL 2018 August 3-5, 2018 Dallas, Texas
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Women's International Leather Legacy (WILL)

The contest will be held on August 3-5, 2018 in Dallas, Texas during the Women’s International Leather Legacy (WILL) Weekend.

While every title has its eligibility requirements and expectations, Women’s International Leather Legacy was designed to allow the titleholder to actually experience and chronicle Women’s Leather history.

In addition to actively presenting a positive Leather image to the Community, the titleholder will have the opportunity to work closely with Sarah Humble archiving and collecting data, and conducting interviews. You do not have to be a historian but we ask that during the title year, you function as one and are willing to join us in this effort to archive women’s Leather history.

It is our hope that the Women’s International Leather Legacy title allows the titleholder to make a difference for Women's Leather History and Women in Leather, everywhere.

2018 Contestant Information

WILL 2018 Contestant Handbook

WILL 2018 Contestant Checklist

WILL 2018 Contestant Application (PDF)

WILL 2018 Contestant Application (MS WORD)

If you are interested in competing for the title or have any questions about the contest, please contact us at InternationalLeatherLegacy@gmail.com

Women's Leather History: Learn it, live it, make it!

Do you think Women’s Leather History is important? Do you think it should be chronicled and preserved at every opportunity? Do you enjoy meeting and talking to women of all ages? Do you want to make a difference?

If you answered yes to any of the above, we invite you to consider running for the Women’s Leather Legacy contest, to be held as part of Women’s International Leather Legacy (WILL) Weekend 2018, August 3-5, 2018, in Dallas, Tx.

Spend a year learning a lot about Women’s Leather history and you will likely learn a lot about yourself as well. Spend a year making a difference, not just talking about making one.

If you are a self-identified woman, then we invite you to make a difference in your life and in the future of Women’s Leather history. Preserve the past while shaping the leather legacy of the future.

1. Contestant must self-identify as female, defined as either born female or a transgender female that has been living as a woman 24/7, and be at least 21 years of age by the date of the contest.

2. The contest is open to all contestants who meet the criteria in #1 above, regardless of geographic location or citizenship.

3. The titleholder must be willing, and able to travel to a minimum of 4 events or leather/BDSM group meetings to present on a topic relevant to women’s leather history and/or to conduct an interview(s).

4. The titleholder is also strongly encouraged to attend more events than defined in #3 above, as well as to seek out every opportunity to speak to the importance of preserving leather women's leather history, rather than just appearing as a titleholder.

5. During her title year, the titleholder may accept additional monetary support from groups, event sponsors or individuals to cover travel expenses, and may raise additional money to cover travel expenses through fundraising activities.

6. During her title year (from August 2018 – August 2019), the titleholder may not receive or accept any fees/payment or funds/funding beyond those necessary for actual travel expenses for conducting interviews or repreesenting the WILL title.  This does not prevent the titleholder from engaging in fundraising activities for charities or for the Women's International Leather Legacy title.

7. The titleholder will be required to submit a quarterly report of her activities in support of the title. In addition, a quarterly final financial report is to be submitted to the contest Owner and shall include any/all money received as the result of fundraising activities, as well as, how the travel fund was used to defray travel expenses.

8. Should the current titleholder be unable to fulfill the requirements and/or obligations of the title, who and in what manner the title will be represented for the remainder of that year shall be at the sole discretion of the Owner and Producers of the Women's International Leather Legacy Title, and will be based on contestant ranking by the judges, at the time of the yearly contest.

9. If the titleholder is unable to carry out the requirements of the title, or for any reason be unable to fulfill her obligations for her title year, then any and all unspent travel funds will be returned, along with a financial accounting of funds that have been spent to date, to the Owner of the Women's International Leather Legacy Title.

10. If, in the opinion of the Owner and Producers of the Women's International Leather Legacy Title, the titleholder fails to substantially comply with meeting and/or fulfilling the obligations of the title, then, as the sole Owner and Producers of the Women's International Leather Legacy title, the Owner of said title reserves the right to recall the title from the current titleholder.

An Olympic scoring system will be used. This system requires a minimum of seven judges. The judges will score the contestants by individual category. The highest and lowest scores for each category will be dropped, and the remaining five scores will be totaled to get the final score for each category.

The final tally will be the cumulative scores for each individual category.

In the event of a tie between two or more contestants, the scores will be recalculated using the highest and lowest scores that were previously omitted. The winner will then be determined by the highest score overall.

A contestant must receive a final overall score equal to 70% of the total possible points in all categories. A perfect overall score would be 2500; in order to win the title, a contestant would need to garner a total of 1875 points or higher.

During the course of the Contest, if a judge is unable to carry out his or her duties and is unable to score all contestants in all categories, that judge’s score will be omitted and the Olympic scoring system (again, omitting the highest and lowest scores) will be used to calculate the scores from the six remaining judges.


Personal Interview (150 points)

Each contestant will be assigned an individual to interview. The contestant will be responsible for crafting questions and conducting an interview and then developing a brief biography of the individual they interview and their contribution to Women’s Leather History. The interview will be conducted privately; however, the biography and the presentation of the individual’s contribution the community and Leather history will be conducted onstage.

Maximum time limit: 6 minutes.

Interview with Judges(125 points)

For evaluation in this category, each contestant will be scored based on the questions they are asked by the judges. The judge’s questions may cover any topic(s) that each individual judge believes will provide insight into the contestant and how she will be able to meet the expectations of the title.

On-stage Question (50 points)

During the contest, while on stage, each contestant will draw and answer two “pop” questions, one serious and one humorous.

Interpersonal Dynamic (75 points)

Throughout the course of the contest weekend, contestants will be observed by the judges and judged on how they interact with other contestants, contest staff, judges, and the public. No particular form of “protocol” or dress is expected, rather the judges will be observing whether or not the contestants are comfortable and at ease in a public venue and their interactions with attendees, staff and other contestants.

Historical Presentation(100 points)

Each contestant will be required to provide an brief oral presentation on any issue relating to leather history. Each contestant will be allowed no more than 6 minutes for the entire presentation. Contestants are permitted to use handouts, props, any form of electronic media or other visual aids in their presentations, but are not required to do so. It is the contestant’s responsibility to secure and return any items used during the presentation.

This category is open to the public, (public being defined as those purchasing tickets for the contest). At the conclusion of the 6 minute presentation, there will be a short (3-5 minute) opportunity for the audience to ask questions about the presentation. Judges will not be asking questions during the historical presentations.

Maximum presentation time limit: 6 minutes.